Chill-Boat  Trio

Recreational Chill-Boat Trio is a realization of our conceptual project.

The boat can be comfortably and safely used by three people.

Chill-Boats are dedicated to hotels, guesthouses and water sports centers, where

they can be an alternative to traditional water bikes.  Many people buy our boats

exclusively for their own use, which perfectly complements their leisure activities.

The choice of equipment and colours is the responsibility of our customers.

Technical data

Hullcathedral, catamaran type with displacement chambers
Length2370 mm.
Width1690 mm.
Height550 mm.
Displacement870 kg
Crew1- 3 persons (270kg.)
Net weight130 kg.
Immersion15 cm (without motor protecting skid)
Electric motor12V  30/45/55 LBS   360W/520W/660W (otional)
Maximum speedok. 6,3/8,2/9,6 km/h  for engines 30/45/55 Lbs respectively
Power supplyMarine 12V  1 x 80 Ah/ 2 x 80 Ah battery (optional)

Basic equipment:

  • electric motor 30 lbs, 12 V
  • marine type 80 Ah, 12 V battery 1 pc.
  • fuse protecting the motor after blocking
  • UV resistant eco-leather upholstery
  • bimini top (waterproof canvas)
  • bilge pump
  • skid protecting the engine column
  • Battery Control System – LED and audible indicator of battery charge status monitoring
  • wheels facilitating slipping of the boat (full tyre) mounted on the skids protecting the engine
  • engraved decorative indicator plate of the battery control indicator made of ground stainless steel
  • engraved decorative plate of the steering handle made of ground stainless steel
  • beverage holders – 2 pcs. (polished stainless steel)
  • two main rails, 50 cm length (polished stainless steel)
  • cleats – 2 pcs. (polished stainless steel)
  • mooring handle on the bow of the boat (stainless steel)
  • bonnet closing (kandahar) – 2 pcs. (stainless steel)
  • eye handles for bimini cables – 2 pcs. (stainless steel)
  • automatic battery charger
  • socket for charger connection max. 32 A
  • additional USB port
  • paddle

Optional equipment:

  • 45 lbs engine (only with 2 x 80 Ah battery pack)
  • 55 lbs engine (only with 2 x 80 Ah battery pack)
  • additional Marine type 12 V 80 Ah battery
  • isothermal locker (fridge) installed on the boat deck
  • large locker located in the bonnet
  • mp3 audio set with two speakers and alarm
  • transport cover
  • GPS locator
  • additional Marine type 12 V 100 Ah battery
  • dedicated boat trailer for Chill-Boat
  • safety vest
  • mooring line 5mb.