About us

In 2011, the Chill-Boat conceptual design was transferred to the construction stage.

After two years of work, the prototype of the electric Chill-Boat Trio was created – an relaxation boat driven by an electricmotor and with a control system without the need for a traditional tiller.

Electric Chill-Boats are manufactured to the highest quality standards,and the vast majority of components are manufactured in Poland in Silesia.

We have our own laminate production plant in which wealso manufacture polyester models and moulds by thermoforming.

The confirmation of our actions is the award received during the 7th MazuryFair of Water Sports Giżycko 2014 where the Chill-Boat Trio took the first placein the category of innovations 2014.

In 2019 the Chill-Boat Trio went through a significant facelift. The most noticeable change is the new type of hull, in which we have further increased the buoyancy in the bow section, and by increasing the height of the hull we have improved the comfort of swimming.

In March 2020, we plan to launch Chill-Boat Cane as an expansion of the previous project,and also to meet the needs of our clientsin terms of a larger vessel, for four to five people.

Wlodzimierz Koehler is the main designer of the Chill-Boat.